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49: S. Alighanbari, I.V. Kortunov, G.S. Giri, S. Schiller
Test of charged baryon interaction with high-resolution vibrational spectroscopy of molecular hydrogen ions
48: P. Danev et al.
Hyperfine structure and electric quadrupole transitions in the deuterium molecular ion
arxiv 2006.15039
47: S. Alighanbari, G. Giri, F.L. Constantin, V.I. Korobov, S. Schiller
Precise test of quantum electrodynamics and determination of fundamental constants with HD+
Nature 581, 152 -158 (2020); DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2261-5

L. Cacciapuoti, S. Schiller, and the I-SOC Pathfinder science team
I-SOC Pathfinder Scientific Requirements
European Space Agency, document reference SCI-ESA-HRE-ESR-ISOC v2, May 2020


E. Wiens, C.-J. Kwong, T. Müller, and S. Schiller
A simplified cryogenic optical resonator apparatus providing ultra-low frequency drift
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 91, 045112 (2020)

Interview with Prof. Schiller about the ERC-Projekt "PREMOL"
Westdeutscher Rundfunk
43: S. Origlia, M.S. Pramod, S. Schiller, Y. Singh, K. Bongs, R. Schwarz, A. Al-Masoudi, S. Dörscher,
S. Herbers, S. Häfner, U. Sterr, and Ch. Lisdat
Towards an optical clock for space: Compact, high-performance optical lattice clock based on bosonic atoms
Physical Review A 98, 053443 (2018)
42: R. Oswald, M. Hansen, E. Wiens, A. Nevsky, S. Schiller
Characteristics of long-lived persistent spectral holes in Eu3+:Y2SiO5 at 1.2 K
Physical Review A 98, 062516 (2018); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.98.062516
41: S. Schiller and V.I. Korobov
Canceling spin-dependent contributions and systematic shifts in precision spectroscopy of molecular hydrogen ions
Phys. Rev. A 98, 022511 (2018); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.98.022511; Editor´s choice
40: E. Wiens, S. Schiller
Simulation of force - insensitive optical cavities in cubic spacers
Appl. Phys. B 124, 140 (2018); doi: 10.1007/s00340-018-7000-3
39: V.A. Dzuba, V.V. Flambaum, S. Schiller
Testing physics beyond the standard model through additional clock transitions in neutral ytterbium
Phys. Rev. A 98, 022501 (2018); 10.1103/PhysRevA.98.022501

V.I. Korobov P. Danev and D. Bakalov, S. Schiller
Laser-stimulated electric quadrupole transitions in the molecular hydrogen ion H2+
Phys. Rev. A 97, 032505 (2018); Editor´s suggestion

37: S. Alighanbari, M.G. Hansen, V.I. Korobov, S. Schiller
Rotational spectroscopy of cold, trapped molecular ions in the Lamb-Dicke regime
Nature Physics 14, 555 -559 (2018), doi: 10.1038/s41567-018-0074-3
36: L. Cacciapuoti, S. Schiller, and the I-SOC science team
I-SOC Scientific Requirements
European Space Agency, document reference SCI-ESA-HRE-ESR-ISOC, June 2017
35: M. Hernández Vera, S. Schiller, R. Wester, and F. Gianturco
Rotationally inelastic cross sections, rates and cooling times for para-H2+, ortho-D2+, and HD+ in cold helium gas
Eur. Phys. J. D 71, 106 (2017); DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2017-70740-7
34: M. Hernández Vera, F. A. Gianturco, R. Wester, H. da Silva Jr., O. Dulieu, and S. Schiller
Rotationally inelastic collisions of H2+ ions with He buffer gas: Computing cross sections and rates
J. Chem. Phys. 146, 124310 (2017); doi: 10.1063/1.4978475
33: S. Schiller, I. Kortunov, M. Hernández Vera, F. Gianturco, H. da Silva, Jr.
Quantum state preparation of homonuclear molecular ions enabled via a cold buffer gas: An ab initio study for the H2+ and the D2+ case
Phys. Rev. A 95, 043411 (2017); doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.95.043411
32: S. Origlia, M.S. Pramod,S. Schiller, Y. Singh, S. Viswam, K. Bongs, S. Häfner, S. Herbers, S. Dörscher, A. Al-Masoudi, R. Schwarz, U. Sterr, Ch. Lisdat and the SOC2 consortium (www.soc2.eu)
Optical lattice clock breadboard demonstrator for the I-SOC mission on the ISS
Presentation at CLEO-Europe/EQEC 6/2017
31: E. Wiens, A. Yu. Nevsky, S. Schiller
Resonator with Ultrahigh Length Stability as a Probe for Equivalence-Principle-Violating Physics
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 271102 (2016), DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.271102
30: S. Origlia, S. Schiller, M.S. Pramod, L. Smith, Y. Singh, W. He, S. Viswam, D. Swierad, J. Hughes, K. Bongs, U. Sterr, Ch. Lisdat, S. Vogt, S. Bize, J. Lodewyck, R. Le Targat, D. Holleville, B. Venon, and SOC2 consortium contributors
Development of a strontium optical lattice clock for the SOC mission on the ISS
Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9900, 990003-12
29: Q. Chen, E. Magoulakis, S. Schiller
High-sensitivity crossed-resonator laser apparatus for improved tests of Lorentz invariance and of space-time fluctuations
Phys. Rev. D 93, 022003 (2016); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.93.022003
28: M.G. Hansen et al.
Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR frequency metrology system with ultra-narrow linewidth and 1 x 10-13-level frequency instability
Optics Letters 40, 2289-2292 (2015), doi:10.1364/OL.40.002289
27: Kai Bongs, Yeshpal Singh, Lyndsie Smith, Wei He, Ole Kock, Dariusz Swierad, Joshua Hughes, Stephan Schiller, Soroosh Alighanbari, Stefano Origlia, Stefan Vogt, Uwe Sterr, Christian Lisdat, Rodolphe LeTargat, Jérôme Lodewyck, and the SOC2 consortium
Development of a strontium optical lattice clock for the SOC mission on the ISS
Comptes Rendus Physique 16, 553 (2015)
26: A. Borodin et al.
Observation of doubly spin-forbidden rovibrational transitions in cold trapped molecular ions
subm. to Phys. Rev. A
25: Qun-Feng Chen, Alexander Nevsky, Marco Cardace, Stephan Schiller, Thomas Legero, Sebastian Häfner, Andre Uhde, Uwe SterrA compact, robust, and transportable ultra-stable laser with a fractional frequency instability of 1 x 10-15
24: D. Voss: Comment on the paper by S. Schiller et al.:
Physical Review Letters Synopsis: Simple Molecules for Accurate Clocks
Phys. Rev. Lett. (2014)
23: Victor Brasch, Qun-Feng Chen, Stephan Schiller, Tobias J. Kippenberg
Radiation Hardness of High-Q Silicon Nitride Microresonators for Space Compatible Integrated Optics
Optics Express 22, 30786 (2014) DOI:10.1364/OE.22.030786
22: S. Schiller et al.
The static and dynamic polarisability, and the Stark and black-body radiation frequency shifts of the molecular hydrogen ions H2+, HD+, and D2+
Phys. Rev. A 89, 052521 (2014); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.89.052521
21: Altschul et al.
Quantum Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle with the STE-QUEST Space Mission
20: S. Schiller, D. Bakalov, V.I. Korobov
Simplest Molecules as Candidates for Precise Optical Clocks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 023004 (2014)
19: S. Schiller, P. Tuckey, E.M. Rasel
The STE-QUEST mission: presentation to ESA
presentation (2014)
18: E. Wiens et al.
Silicon single-crystal cryogenic optical resonator
Opt. Lett. 39, 3242 (2014)
17: A. Nevsky et al.
Robust frequency stabilization of multiple spectroscopy lasers with large and tunable offset frequencies
Opt. Lett. (2013)
16: S. Schiller
Comment on: The quantum vacuum as the origin of the speed of light
Eur. Physical J. D. Vol. 67, Issue 11 (2013)
15: Q. Chen et al.
Proton irradiation robustness of dielectric mirrors for high-finesse Fabry-Pérot resonators in the near-infrared spectral range
Appl. Phys. B (2013); DOI 10.1007/s00340-013-5704-y
14: M. Hansen et al.
Robust, frequency-stable and accurate mid-IR laser spectrometer based on frequency comb metrology of quantum cascade lasers up-converted in orientation-patterned GaAs
Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 22, pp. 27043-27056 (2013), doi:10.1364/OE.21.027043
13: D. Bakalov and S. Schiller
The electric quadrupole moment of molecular hydrogen ions and their potential for a molecular ion clock
Appl. Phys. B 114, 213 (2014); DOI 10.1007/s00340-013-5703-z
12: S. Schiller
Feasibility of Giant Fiber-optic Gyroscopes
Phys. Rev. A 67 (2013)
11: G. Mura et al.
A transportable optical lattice clock using 171Yb
Proceedings EFTF Prague 2013
10: S. Schiller et al (SOC2 consortium)
Towards Neutral-atom Space Optical Clocks (SOC2): Development of high-performance transportable and breadboard optical clocks and advanced subsystems
in "Let's Embrace Space, Vol. II" (European Commission Brussels, 2012)
9: S. Schiller et al. (SOC2 consortium)
The Space Optical Clocks Project: Progress report
IEEE (2012)
8: J. Shen et al.
Observation of a rotational transition of trapped and sympathetically cooled molecular ions
Phys Rev. A (2012)
7: Q.-F. Chen, A. Nevsky, S. Schiller
Locking the frequency of lasers to an optical cavity at the 1.6×10-17 relative instability level
Appl. Phys. B. (2012)
6: U. Bressel et al.
Manipulation of Individual Hyperfine States in Cold Trapped Molecular Ions and Application to HD+ Frequency Metrology
Phys. Rev. Lett. (2012)
5: U. Bressel, I. Ernsting, S. Schiller
5 µm laser source for frequency metrology based on difference frequency generation
Opt. Lett. (2011)
4: C. Wellers, A. Borodin, S. Vasilyev, D. Offenberg, S. Schiller
Resonant IR multi-photon dissociation spectroscopy of a trapped and sympathetically cooled biomolecular ion species
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2011)
3: A. Chijioke et al.
Thermal noise of whispering-gallery resonators
Phys. Rev. A (2012)
2: Q.-F. Chen et al.
Chen et al Spectrally narrow long-term stable optical frequency reference based on a Eu3+ : YSO crystal at cryogenic temperature
Phys. Rev. Lett. (2011)
1: S. Vasilyev et al.
Compact all-solid-state continuous-wave single-frequency UV source
Appl. Phys. B (2011)


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