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Research Group Prof. Schiller

We work in the field of precision experiments with cold atoms, cold molecules and optical techniques. Our goal is to use these systems to test fundamental symmetries and theories of Physics and to determine fundamental constants.
The experiments are done in our laboratories, but we are also involved in developing concepts for future experiments on satellites in space. An important aspect of our work is to develop new techniques for manipulating, efficiently if possible, different species of cold atoms and molecules. This aspect involves the development of the appropriate continuous-wave radiation sources with emission at wavelengths from the far-infrared to the near-UV spetral range. At present our work focuses on beryllium ions, ytterbium atoms, strontium atoms, europium ions and HD+ molecules.
Another topic we pursue is the development of lasers with ultrastable frequencies, that are required for spectroscopy of highest resolution but also for the navigation of satellites in deep space.
Finally, we are also interested in novel applications of modern optical techniques, such as nonlinear optics, the frequency comb and optical fibers. In this framework, we have pioneered continuous-wave optical parametric oscillators for spectroscopy and cryogenic optical resonators. We have also proposed the technique of "dual-frequency comb spectroscopy", and giant fiber networks as optical gyroscopes.

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