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Scholarships of the Prof. Behmenburg Donation for junior scientists at the Institute of Experimental Physics

The atomic physicist Prof. W. Behmenburg (1933 - 2017) was professor at the Institute of Experimental Physics from 1970 to 1997.

He donated the major part of his estate to the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the Heinrich Heine Universität with the condition that the donation should serve the advancement of fundamental experimental research. It may provide support to M.Sc. students, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers who work in the fields of experimental fundamental research, quantum optics, and non-applied laser spectroscopy in the teams of Prof. Stephan Schiller and Prof. Axel Görlitz.
Adressees: Candidates must work at the Institute of Experimental Physics.
Form and deadline for the application: In writing to Prof. Schiller or to Prof. Görlitz, with the entire documents (see below) as PDF files.
Required documents:
High-school diploma, bachelor certificate, detailed curriculum vitae, name and contact details of people outside the institute who can give an opinion about the candidate. Additionally, for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students: transcript of the grades of the M.Sc. course; additionally, for Ph.D students: M.Sc. thesis; additionally, for post-docs: Ph.D. certificate, doctoral thesis, transcripts of grades of graduate school (if any).

Award criteria:
For M.Sc. students: very good grades in the „spezielle Vertiefung zur Masterarbeit.
For PH.D. students: very good grade of the M.Sc. thesis or very good skills in experimental work.

For post-docs: very good grade of the doctoral thesis or very good skills in experimental work.
In all cases: strong ability to work constructively in a team.
Fellowship duration and amount: M.Sc. students: 4-6 months; up to 400€ per month; Ph.D. Students and post-docs: 12-24 months; up to 1400€ and 2400€ per month, respectively.

Previous and current scholarship holders



    Victor Vogt, M. Sc. Student, 2017 -2018 Victor Vogt, Ph. D. Student, 2019
    René Oswald, M. Sc. Student, 2017 - 2018 Soroosh Alighanbari, Ph. D. Student, 2018
    Eugen Wiens, Ph. D. Student 2018 - 9 Christian Wellers, Ph. D. Student, 2018
    M. Srinivas Pramod, Ph. D. Student, 2018 Dr. Gouri S. Giri, Post-Doc, 2018
    Evangelos Magoulakis, Ph. D. Student, 2018 - 9 Dr. Wu Bian, Post-Doc, 2018 -
    Magnus Schenkel, Master Student, 2018 - 9 Tobias Franzen, Ph. D. Student, 2018 - 2020
    Christian Halter, Ph. D. Student, 2019 - 2020  


Fellowships in Quantum Optics (for Ph.D. studies or Post-doctoral studies)

The fellowship serves for the financial support of continued university education in the field of quantum optics, in particular, experimental quantum optics.
Addressees: Applicants should have a Master degree or a Ph.D. degree.
Form and deadline for applications: at the end of each quarter. In written form (electronically) with all materials as pdf files.
Application materials: all diplomas (high school, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., grade sheets, bachelor thesis, master thesis, Ph.D. thesis, detailed curriculum vitae, names and contact details of supervisors that can give references.
Applicable criteria for awarding a fellowship: experimental skills, quick understanding, creativity, good theoretical skills, strong analytical skills, strong initiative drive, strong communication skills (written, oral and interpersonal), relevant experimental experience.
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