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Frühere News

2020/06: D. Bakalov (INRNE, Sofia) and his team present, with our contribution, the accurate theory of the hyperfine structure of the deuterium molecular ion
2020/05: We succeeded in performing the most precise determination of the proton-electron mass ratio by spectroscopy of HD+
2020/04: E. Wiens presents the complete characterization of a compact, vibration-insensitive silicon resonator operated at 3 K
2019/05: Interview with Prof. Schiller about the ERC project "PREMOL"
2018/12: Within an international collaboration we performed one of the most precise measurements of a property of nature, to seventeen digits accuracy
2018/12: M.Sc. student René Oswald and A. Nevsky demonstrate an exceptionally high long-term frequency stability of spectral holes of ions in a cryogenic crystal
2018/05: Prof. Schiller is awarded an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (2.5 M€) for a project on precision spectroscopy of molecular hydrogen ions.
2018/03: Vladimir Dzuba, Victor Flambaum and S. Schiller propose the use of novel metastable states of ytterbium for applications in fundamental physics
2017/09: Ph.D. students Soroosh Alighanbari and Michael Hansen demonstrate for the first time molecular ion spectroscopy in the Lamb-Dicke regime
2017/06: Our Michelson-Morley experiment of 2009 is featured in Johann Rafelski new book "Relativity Matters" (Springer, 2017)
2017/04: In a cooperation between our group and the group of Prof. F. Gianturco (U. Innsbruck), we propose quantum state preparation of molecular hydrogen ions via buffer gas cooling
2017/02: Ph.D. students S. Origlia (ITN FACT) and Pramod M. achieve an atomic clock with 2 x 10-17 instability, in cooperation with the SOC2 partners
2017/01: Using a crystal at 1.5 Kelvin, Ph.D. student E. Wiens, Dr. Nevsky, and Prof. Schiller test whether the expansion of the universe has observable consequences on the measured length of rods
2016/04: Stefano Origlia won a Best Student Paper Award for his presentation on the results of the SOC2 apparatus at the SPIE conference in Brussels
2016/01: Ph.D. student E. Magoulakis and post-doc Q. Chen realize the most sensitive Michelson-Morley laser experiment so far
2015/12: Ph.D. student Stefano Origlia (ITN FACT) and colleagues from Univ. Birminham and PTB Braunschweig observe the clock transition in the transportable SOC optical lattice clock
2015/08: Prof. Schiller is awarded the Reinhard-Heynen- and Emmi-Heynen-Prize of the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Heinrich-Heine-Universität for his research
2015/05: As part of his Ph.D. dissertation research, M. Hansen demonstrates the first frequency stabilization of a QCL to an ultra-stable resonator, resulting in 60 Hz linewidth
2015/05: Precision on the road: two transportable optical atomic clock apparata have been moved by van from university laboratories (HHU, Univ. of Birmingham) to national metrology institutes (INRIM, PTB) - and are again fully functional
2014/10: First Ph.D. training school of the "Cold Molecular Ions at the Quantum Limit" EU-ITN held in Düsseldorf with 32 participants
2014/07: Article by Prof. Schiller, Bakalov and Korobov selected as an "editors suggestion"
2014/02: Prof. Schiller, D. Bakalov (Sofia) and V. Korobov (Dubna) show theoretically that the transition frequencies of molecular hydrogen ions can be measured with exquisite precision
2014/01: Profs. Schiller, Tuckey and Rasel present the design of the mission STE-QUEST to ESA
2013/11: An ultrastable crystalline optical cavity: Ph.D. student E. Wiens demonstrates a silicon optical reference resonator at 1.6 K
2013/10: Project "Space optical clocks": A. Nevsky and master student S. Alighanbari develop compact subunit for an optical clock
2013/09: Ph.D. student M. Hansen demonstrates novel approach for measuring optical frequencies in the mid-IR spectral range
2013/081: D. Bakalov (Sofia) and Prof. Schiller determine theoretically an important systematic effect in the spectroscopy of HD+
2013/07: Shake it! VIDEO CLIP of Q.-F.Chen, M. Cardace and A. Nevsky demonstrating a robust reference cavity model for future space applications
2013/03: Ultracool at 1.3 Kelvin: Ph.D. student Heiko Luckmann puts into operation a new pulse tube cryostat suitable for precision experiments
2013/03: Analysis of the potential of existing underground optical fiber networks for implementing gyroscopes for geophysics applications
2013/02: With passion from Florence: master student Soroosh Alighanbari and post-doc Qun-Feng Chen integrate a frequency stabilization system into the transportable optical clock at the Università di Firenze
2012/09: Observation of the clock transition of ultracold Yb atoms in an optical lattice, with an all-diode-laser apparatus (with Prof. A. Görlitz)
2012/05: First year of the EU-FP7 Project "Space Optical Clocks 2" is successfully completed
2012/01: First demonstration of rotational excitation of a sympathetically cooled molecular ion species
2011/12: Ultrastable lock of lasers to high-finesse optical cavities: 2 x 10-17 achieved
2011/11: First optical measurement of the hyperfine spectrum of the HD+ molecular ion and demonstration of quantum state addressing in sympathetically cooled molecular ions
2011/09: A novel continuous-wave laser system for spectroscopy at 5.1 µm and optical frequency measurements is successfully applied to molecular spectroscopy
2011/07: Sympathetically cooled polyatomic molecular ions: first demonstration of vibrational spectroscopy
2011/07: Whispering gallery resonators are predicted to exhibit ultralow thermal noise at cryogenic temperature and could be of interest for frequency stabilization of lasers
2011/06: High resolution spectroscopy of long-lived spectral holes in a cryogenic crystal: determination of a very low frequency drift
2011/03: A novel fiber laser system emitting in the UV greatly simplifies laser cooling of Beryllium ions
2011/02: ESA selects "STE-QUEST" as one of four medium-size candidate missions for a flight in 2022+
media response: HHU-Düsseldorf
2010/12: Contribution to the proposal "STE-QUEST" for an ESA satellite mission to test General Relativity
2010/10: A transportable ultrastable laser developed by PTB is compared in our laboratory to our own ultrastable laser via a frequency comb virtual beat
2010/07: Theory of the Zeeman effect in the HD+ molecular ion
2009/12: Achievement of all-optical state preparation of molecular ions in the rovibrational ground state
2009/08: A laser test of the isotropy of light propagation at the 2x10-17level
media response: physicsworld , pro-physik , lenta.ru
2008/11: Chapter on “Sympathetically cooled molecular ions” to appear in the book “Cold Molecules”
2008/10: Demonstration of continuous-wave THz sources with Hz-level linewidth
2008/10: First demonstration of sympathetic translational cooling of proteins in an ion trap
2008/06: Observation of the clock transition in cold neutral Ytterbium
2008/04: A narrow-linewidth single-frequency yellow source based on a diode laser is demonstrated
2007/07: International team including Düsseldorf researchers proposes an optical clock satellite mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision program
2007/06: Düsseldorf frequency comb allows first precise measurement of the stability of a cryogenic optical resonator
2007/04: Grating-enhanced external cavity diode laser with 30 kHz free-running linewidth, allows high-fidelity phase lock to reference frequency
2007/03: A workshop on an optical clock mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision program (Düsseldorf, March 8-9, 2007).
2007/02: Most precise measurment of a transition frequency in a molecular ion: vibrational spectroscopy of cold HD+ ions.
2006/06: First ro-vibrational spectroscopy on cold trapped molecular ions below 0.1 K.
2006/06: First translational cooling of complex molecular ions to below 1 K

2005/05: Isotropy of speed of light measured with eightfold increased precision (in German)

   2004/07: Sympathetic cooling of 3He and 4He ions to Millikelvin temperature

   2003/02: Crystallization of Be+-ions in a linear Paul trap

   2002:      Press coverage on tests of Special Relativity

   2002/02: Slide presentation of our research topics (in German)

   2001/07: Golfing with a single photon (Physical Review Focus)